Synchronicity, Synaesthesia and Symbols

It’s a painful waver when we find ourselves oscillated between rigid reason and the spiritual realm.

Are coincidences meaningful or do we put ourselves in danger of losing reason if we believe so?

I was brought up to be reasonable, to just live, not to question the meaning of life.

Because what good comes of all that anyway?

Good question.

You know, just as I was typing the last line my finger slipped and it came out as ‘god question’.

Yep. Pretty much that’s my question for the moment.

So…do I choose to see ‘god question’ as a sign from the Oneness or just…a typo?

I choose to believe it’s both.  One doesn’t cancel out the other.  I find myself coming up with that answer a lot lately; an example being that if someone likes men all her life then falls in love with a woman, they are both true.  They are both part of the person doing the loving.

Yet I digress (and that’s okay).

Today I got into one of those grasping, clinging moods in which my mind wanted answers and fast.  I repeatedly questioned the I Ching on something I’ve asked it about a million times before for which I already possess all the answers I’m likely to gain for the moment. Sometimes when I get like this it stops speaking to me.  Today I think it was telling me I’d lost my way, and it’d have been right.

So here started my synchronicity:

I started googling ‘calm down’ and brought up one of my favourite websites Calm Down Mind.  I’ve been here many times before and it never fails to bring me back to my centre and stop the spinning.  The guy who writes it is a wise owl.  For some reason I’d neglected this website of late; I needed to go back there.

A mention on this site of Siddhartha Gautama jolted me to realise that Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is at the top of my ‘to read’ list because a I Ching commentary mentioned a quote from it which spoke to me in depth.  ‘Coincidentally’, Hesse’s work (though not that book) had been recommended to me recently by a person whom I hold very dear in my affections.

I looked up the Siddhartha Wikipedia page only to find a small reference to the fact that the singer Andrew McMahon has a tattoo of a quote from this book (it may be part of the quote I had earlier read on the I Ching commentary).

This singer had come to my attention through random youtube browsing some months ago.  I have a particular connection to his song Synaesthesia as I experience it.

I feel colours when I meditate.

I have to meditate.

I also have to read that damn book!


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