I fell so hard. I feel like I’ve fallen five times and I keep making myself fall because in some ways I like the taste.

I can’t any more.

I never saw this coming.  You, into my life.

You’re right, I am uncomfortable.  I know that makes you uncomfortable.  I’m fine with liking girls.  I’m just not fine (yet) with talking to you about the fact that I like (liked?) you best of all.

I can’t just be friends.  I still want more.  I’m sorry.  I need time.

The first time I crossed a professional boundary.

The first time I fell in love with a girl.

The first time I admitted to myself I much prefer girls.

The first time I was rejected.

The first time I really really cared.

The first time I was forced to be vulnerable.

The first time I ever took a risk.

The first time the stakes were high.

My first time being me.


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