Pandora’s Box

I wrote this on the 19th August this year.  Happy to say I’ve moved on somewhat…even if it still gets to me at times.


other people’s art

pandora’s box

can of worms

won’t go back in

memories of past obsessions

they take me

ils me prennent

elle me prend


why me?

why her?

how can I let this go?

wallet of fish



I don’t know whether to choose to the road not taken or the road that people will approve of

why so impatient

why so in love?

why so attached I can’t break the chains the chains that bind that bind my mind to her her mind her body her self her her her her her her her her

this is torture

la torture

elle le sait?

is she just cruel?

throw money at pandora’s box it’s okay it will close

put Pandora back

what becomes of Pandora?


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