Is there anybody there? #2 Little One

Little Miss

Young lady

Pretty little thing

Sexy little thing

Bad girl

Any combination of the above, she answers to all.

Is this attraction?  Fuck, I have been missing out my whole life.

Is it called chemistry because it burns you?  You have to be careful with chemical sets.

So this one, Little One, 23 to my 37, we used to date back before D and I met.  Hot thoughts of her were still searing my brain even when I was still with D.  One month after D and I parted, as if I conjured her, she slotted back into my life, newly single, of her own accord and hot as ever.

Just sex?  Well yes, mainly.  We laugh, we talk, she’s a calm little rebel.

The physical connection: I. Cannot. Believe. It.

It just works.  No need to steel myself to get into it or ‘it’ll be fine once you start’.  It starts before it starts; it can’t not start.  She and I in a room alone would only ever have one outcome.

A room, a beach, a doorway, the woods.

What’s my emotion?


It came to me tonight as I stripped our sex sheets off my bed that I have never been so bold with someone.  I have never been bold at all.  She has heard my private thoughts that not one other soul knows; blocks are smashing and tumbling and I am bare and scared.  She has my sexual (re)awakening in her hands so I want her hands around, naturally.

She does not know how much of me she has.

I don’t know, as yet, how much more of me there is.

She doesn’t have my heart;

she doesn’t have my dreams;

she doesn’t have my future:

right now, she has my fire.



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